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How to Set Up a Pharmacovigilance(PV) Centre

The setting up of a national PV centre requires several considerations. The WHO and UMC have produced a manual titled: “Safety Monitoring of Medicinal Products: Guidelines for Setting Up and Running a Pharmacovigilance Centre”

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Basic Steps in setting up a PV Centre

Contact relevant authorities to ensure approval for the centre by outlining the importance of the centre and its purpose...


Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)

Spontaneous reporting is currently the most common method of reporting ADRs. A case report in pharmacovigilance can be..


Logistics involved in the organization of a Centre

The expertise desirable in the routines of a pharmacovigilance centre includes: - Clinical medicine...


Financial issues in PV

The importance of pharmacovigilance in all countries is widely accepted in view of the well-documented high rates of morbi..

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